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The advantages of dynamic generation of web-pages

otolo.com uses the scripting language PHP. PHP is (in contrast to MicroSoft's ASP) a "open source" programming language, which was especially developed for web-programming. The PHP-interpreter runs on the webserver. PHP can be used to dynamically generate HTML-code. The PGP-Manual is freely available at www.php.net/docs.php in text- and HTML-format.

The strength of dynamic web-page generation lies in simpler extension and maintenance of websites.

The following examples demonstrate the advantages of this method. These websites were developed by otolo.com:

Each of the HTML-pages on the above websites is generated by the webserver dynamically in the moment of activation from a single PHP-source file. This reduces maintencance effort to one or a very few number of files, even if new pages are added or when additional languages should be supported.

If properly constructed, there is no HTML-code duplication, i.e.: changes in one place automatically effect all other pages concerned. Overview is gained through structuring and syntax-errors in the generated pages are more easily avoided and it is much simpler to make HTML-code compatible with any browser.

PHP allows to avoid other improper, unuseful and/or safety-critical techniques such as [nevertheless] widely used Frames, Java and JavaScript, which could crash browsers and/or render pages illegible due to browser incompatibilities.

PGP-programming eliminates the need for tools such as Frontpage and HTML-Editors. This is a big advantage, since such tools often get part of the problem. Only a standard plain text editor is needed.

A further advantage of PHP is, that nobody sees "what your sleeves are up-to", i.e,.: even with the browser function "View source code of page" only the HTML-code of the actual page is displayed, but not the PHP source code, where the coordination takes place. One sees only the result of that coordination in the form of the generated HTML-pages, but the internals of the software remain protected.

As soon as a proper structure is created, a client with basic experience in programming (software development) is able to extend and change the content of his website and website navigator.

For many standard applications ready-to-use PHP-scripts are freely available.

The only prerequisite is that the webhoster supports PHP on its webserver; this is a standard feature with otolo.com webhosting.

Last revised: 12-May-2015

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